The Greatest of All Wars?


Seeking the Eternal Water of Life 003

The following is some selected reading of my book, Suffering With Dignity: The Pathway to Ultimate Shalom, OutskirtsPress. ISBN 978-1-4787-5707-8

While many of us who are born and socialized in America define great wealth, power and influence as signs of success, my trials and tribulations have taught me a different definition. Over the many years of ministry, God has shown me that some of the most unpleasant, if not the most evil people are those who have material and economic wealth and cannot use their means to change or influence undesirable life circumstances.

My definition of success is two-fold. First, success is my ability to intensely examine my soul-life with the motive of modeling the character of Christ. Such an examined life is motivated toward me becoming all that God has granted for me during my journey on earth. Second, upon this introspective analysis, I am successful when I am able to practice the discipline of “self mastery.” Over the many years of following Messiah, I had to come to the conclusion that Peace, Happiness, Love, Joy, Fulfillment and Contentment, all must come from within me. I am not toe expect or demand that others are responsible for those virtues but me. Of all the wars that ever existed, the greatest of all wars is the War with Self.  

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