Three Men of Valor




In honor and respect for the millions who have served in our Armed Forces throughout the years, I salute you and your service and commitment to the United States of America during the 2015 Veteran’s Day celebration.

The above pictures are my father’s Air Metal of Honor Award for his multiple tours in Viet Nam. The next picture is a photo of him inside one of many planes that he managed as a crew-chief in the US Air Force. My father Irvin T. Thornton served almost 30 years retiring as a TSgt.

The other photo is a combination of pics of my father, me and my son, Javon Micheal Thornton. I am very thankful and blessed to have loved my father my son and myself throughout the years. I am proud of serving in the US Air Force as was the case with my father and son.

May God continue to protect, lead and provide all that is needed for our US Armed Force to be all that she needs to be first here in the US, then in the world where may provide leadership as well as protection for countries that are weak.

Grace and Peace