Never Abandoning the Work of God’s Hands

Book Promotion-Suffering With Dignity 001

“You keep me alive when surrounded by danger; You put out Your Hand when my enemies rage; with Your right hand You save me. Adonai [Lord] will fulfill His purpose for me. Your Grace, Adonai, [Lord] continues forever. Don’t abandon the work of Your Hands.”  Psalms 138:7-8

What a most wonderful day that my Lord provided on today! I attended a craft fair that I used to promote my book: Suffering With Dignity: The Pathway to Ultimate Shalom.  This annual event was hosted by the Associate Leadership Committee of Gwinnett Medical Center. I am thankful for to Tracy Azar, Chairman and Vice Chairman Kristin Kuntz for granted the opportunity to participate in this event.

Over the course of five hours, I was able to meet, greet and network with many delightful souls that constituted diversified needs. For many, people were in shopping mode for early Christmas gifts. A smaller percentage of people were just curiously “window shopping.” The most captivating percentage of souls were those who were there because of family members in need for medical treatment and or surgery procedures. Those were the ones that epitomized the above scripture reference Psalms 138:7-8.

These who were hurting for others amid the superficiality of materialism somehow were drawn toward my very simplistic table of my books, book- markers, annotation of the book and  copies of my blog:  with the indirect need to communicate to someone about their family member who are suffering.

God did in fact enable me to sell copies of my book on today which I am grateful, nevertheless  it was the personal conversations that were shared as well as the prayer list that I developed in my pastoral calling in meeting many people in their greatest needs if not their fears that affirmed to me that my Lord will never abandon the work that He has assigned for me to do-in His Name.

Grace and Peace