Why Does God Permit Suffering?



Compassion will cure more sins than condemnation.” -Henry Ward Beecher-

Moses was one the very first persons in the Holy Scriptures that asked the question, Why does God permit human suffering? His inquiry came about just after he ask God to forgive the Hebrew nation for making a “Golden Calf” while impatiently waiting on Moses to return from visiting with God on Mount Sinai.

During one of the many visit on Mount Sinai that Moses made, he asked God to show him His Face! God’s response to Moses  was that “No human may survive if I reveal My Face to them.” As a compromise, God stated to Moses, “You can see my backside and not glare upon My Face.”  Within this statement we may discover one important reason why God permits human suffering?

In essence, God was indirectly saying to Moses that by not showing you My Face, I am not at liberty to reveal to you [human-beings], all of the inner-meanings of certain things in this finite life. God’s intent to Moses, as for each of us to understand, that we can not be totally human and understand all elements of human suffering! If and when we all begin to explain and or apply philosophical meaning to all forms of suffering, we have lost our Humanity!

When we as people and as a nation begin to rationalize; become insensitive and indifferent toward what it is that makes us human, we have a problem.  Human logic applied to the total explanation  of human suffering potentially strips of the very core of what defines us as human-beings-We lose our compassion!

Compassion like justice is how love looks like in public. This deep inner feeling of sharing the pains and suffering of another with the goodwill intent of providing in the now aid and support if not mercy.

If we ever need true Godly love and compassion, we all need it now.

Humanity is one of Thomas Aquinas [1225-1274, Italian Dominican monk, philosopher and theologian] Godly seven heavenly virtues. This matter of humanity is so important that all civilized cultures will be considered “Godly” if these heavenly virtues are practiced.

Questions of consideration: Have we in America lost our sense of humanity? Are we a Godly nation?


“There never was any heart truly great and gracious that was not also tender and compassionate.” -Robert South-

Grace and Peace

Alonzo E. Thornton

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