Discovering the Hidden Things in our Creator


And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year, “Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown!” And he replied, “Go out into the darkness and put thine hand into the hand of God, That shall be to thee better than light and safer than a known way.” -Anonymous-

In my reading of this week’s spiritual manna: Exodus 13:17-17:16, I was once again reminded of how our Creator is committed at freeing all of His people from any form of enslavement regardless of how long one has been held captive. Using the Hebrew nation as an example, they were enslaved for 430 years thus the entirety  of their “soul-condition” as a people were that of those whom enslaved them. This is an important point in that even though one may not be in a literal physical obstacles that deny actual emancipation, their souls are still in bondage or dependence of one’s conditioning or place of origin.

Key worthy observations of my reading of this great deliverance of the Nation of Israel that we may consider in our efforts today at total freedom:

  • Our Creator is the Great Liberator, yet within His sovereignty, He wills those in government toward implementing polices that reflects His Goodwill, Grace and Mercy on His people.
  • Deliverance and freedom in not immediately [for most of us, God will lead you through the desert, or the valley of death-dark ravines.] Which means that in essence, it takes a life-time to fully travel with God through the planned spiritual regeneration process needed to reach maturity. The object of God attention is our heart and it’s need for renovation.
  • Our Creator reveals Himself as He chooses in order to develop total trust and faith in His people. In this story, our Creator guided as a Pillar of Fire by night and a Pillar of cloud by day. Even within the Old Covenant, Messiah the Light of the World is present! The Pillars of Fire and Cloud depicts the emblem of Messiah who is present even if obscure, working with humanity supernaturally.  Messiah is upright, firm, stable and visible in aiding His people the correct way to travel.
  • It is our Creator who reveals the profound and hidden things.  Literally everyone marvels at the dividing of the waters of the sea that enabled the Nation of God’s people to safely travel to their initial stage of liberation. And rightly so, yet what many fail to comment on when we retell this great and important miracle, is that by God’s supernatural feat of parting the waters, He revealed the hidden safe pathway that the people travel. The sea had hidden the very pathway toward their liberation. It is God who reveals the deep and secret things…, the very purpose of His own heart, while exposing the reckless, despair if not violent nature of our own hearts [Jeremiah 17:9; Mark 7:20-23.]

Duties of a Follower

The modern means of spiritual liberation and celebration is now granted by following the Author of all light.  Jesus Christ is the author of all natural, spiritual and eternal light. Through the Spirit of God, each soul may encounter the “true liberator of human souls.” In an effort toward moment by moment emancipation, Christ encourages each “follower” to these words:

I plead with you therefore, saints of the Most High, by the compassion of God, to present all your faculties to Him as a living and holy sacrifice acceptable to Him. This with you will be an act of reasonable worship.  [Translated from the Weymouth New Testament, italic mine]

  • Learn to yield to God moment by moment on your journey.
  • Become set-aside for God’s use [our entire being is needed-the whole person].
  • As we are becoming redeemed, we are encouraged to make every act, thought, deed to become prompted by Messiah.
  • Learn to become an instrument of righteousness unto God.
  • Become well-pleasing in a renewed character and or spiritual reformation as our rational daily service that will become acceptable to God through Christ.

Send me Your Light and Your Truth; Let them guide me. Let them lead me to Your Holy Mountain, to the place where You Live. Psalms 43:3

May this blog bless you and keep you!

Grace and Peace

Brother Alonzo Thornton

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