Declaring The Praise of The Lord

In You my Lord,

I have taken refuge;

let me never be put to shame,

Please deliver me in Your Righteousness. [Psalm 31:1]

On this day,

I will praise The Lord;

all my soul,

and my innermost being!

For my soul have not forgotten all that Thou has for me;

For only You forgives all of my sins,

For only You heals all my diseases. [Psalm 103:1-3]

For only You have taught me how to please You, my Lord!

For only, You require from me,

Spiritual obedience;

acts of mercy,

sacrifices of Praise and Thanksgiving.

So on this day my Lord,

open my lips and my mouth will declare Your Praise. [Psalm 51:15]

Grace and Peace

Brother Alonzo Thornton