Shalom rav! [Abundant Peace]

God does not need our worship!

But we need to worship God.

Our humanness depends on it.

Not to worship God is to deny our essential humanity.

It is of the very essence of authentic humanness to worship God.

Made to worship, man becomes something less than human when he refuses to worship.

It is not God who suffers when we do not worship-

it is we who suffer!

-Richard C. Halverson-


His protection guarantees us His Abundant Peace

When we as the people of God will commit to a lifestyle of honoring and serving our Creator with fear and trembling, only then are we able to worship and praise Him in the most effective means. Then and only then will we become benefactors of His protection which produces an abundant peace within our lives.

This statement holds truer now than any other time, as our culture is so much against those who are faithful and spiritually discipline in what is required in order to remain close and true worshippers of the Most High.   No greater example of these words than in what the Lord most recently showed me in my revisit to the Book of Daniel, 6 chapter, verses 26-27.

For He is the living God; He endures forever.

His Kingdom will never be destroyed;

His rulership will last till the end.

He saves, rescues, does signs and wonders both in heaven and on earth.


While it is our responsibility to honor and serve God by presenting ourselves as living sacrifices, it is God’s responsibility to us as His faithful people to prove Himself to be a true and almighty God. All life as we know it is in Him for He is without question the author and giver of all life on earth and in all of His created forms.

All that He creates, will last forever, never unchangeable and permanent in its divinely created nature. For He is steady and forthright in all of His purposes and promises. For His rulership and Providence will have and currently have complete dominion over all other kingdoms. All others have and will be destroyed in the future.

For it is God alone, who is the ultimate savior and rescuer of all human souls and conditions in this life. How so? For it is by His power over His created order that He displays His sovereignty in His on-going promise to care for all those who put all their trust in God.

Have you placed your complete trust in God today? Will you strongly consider to do so? For only then will you and I find and have the abundant peace that this world cannot provide!

Beloved, in all ways, our success and or failure in this life is in direct correlation with our position in God. Throughout the Holy Scriptures, the loftiest position of a saith of God is on one’s knees!  Let us all collectively continue to pray and seek the face of God in our lives in an effort at permitting His Love and abundant peace, work out its divine purpose in this life, and the eternal life to come.

Much Grace and Peace

Brother Alonzo E. Thornton