Our Light Must Always Shine

  In my continuation of my blog posting on The Heart, I have selected and interviewed for this week, a humble yet very dedicated follower of Christ who happens to also be a colleague and personal friend. His name is Reverend Ian McDonald. Reverend Ian McDonald has been married for 17 years to Janet McDonald … [Read more…]

How God Looks?

  If there ever came a day when the powers to be would remove all Holy Bibles or other books and or literature concerning God and His nature, how would we know or see God? What are visible signs that there is a God who works through His people on earth? And if there is, … [Read more…]

Three Men of Valor

In honor and respect for the millions who have served in our Armed Forces throughout the years, I salute you and your service and commitment to the United States of America during the 2015 Veteran’s Day celebration. The above pictures are my father’s Air Metal of Honor Award for his multiple tours in Viet Nam. … [Read more…]

God is in the Details

The Holy Scriptures suggests that every follower of Messiah is given at least one spiritual gift for the purpose of building up The Body of Christ as well as to serve the corporate body. While many followers may contend that such gifts are given for their own benefit, the central function of these gifts are … [Read more…]